Diabetes & Foot Pain

For those of you who do not know what athletes foot is, it is an infection of the foot caused by mold or yeast (2). In short it is a foot fungus. Mold and yeast are microscopic allergens or spores. (2) In a dry environment, the spores are inactive, like moss in the summer, meaning they can't grow. The spores travel in the air and settle on the floor ground and other surfaces. Feet pick up the spores when walking barefooted in or outdoors. The spores get trapped in the skin pores and beneath toe nails. All of these are excellent reasons for trying to prevent a car accident from happening to you. Keeping both hands on the steering wheel of the vehicle is a strategy that many individuals are taught when they first begin to drive. However, as time goes by, many drivers seem to forget the reason why both hands should be on the steering wheel while the vehicle is in motion. Of course, the primary reason here is that it provides the driver with greater control as his concentration remains focused on his driving rather than on the task that one of his hands is being used to achieve.foot conditions Wear shoes that fit. A simple instruction but one that is frequently ignored particularly by those following fashion. Unfortunately ill fitting shoes are the source of many a foot problem. Ideally shoes should fit well and not rub anywhere. If necessary add insoles or protective cushions. Remember anything that causes rubbing, pressure or pinching can result in a callus. Short Description Foot calluses are extremely common particularly amongst women. They are basically an accumulation of hard skin that harden and thicken over an area of the foot, usually in response to some form of pressure. The following four simple rules should be followed to help prevent foot calluses from forming. As mentioned earlier, the PTT has an area with limited blood supply. Previous steroid use, obesity, chronic high blood pressure, diabetes, and old age can all cause a decrease in the amount of blood flow to the tendon. If the tendon's blood supply becomes to low it will no longer receive enough nutrients and oxygen, the tendon then begins to degenerate and weaken. Weakening of the PTT from lack of proper blood supply will lead to dysfunction. Immobilization, Casting, or Rigid Shoe. A stiff-soled shoe or other form of immobilization may be used to protect the fractured bone while it is healing. I think this story is also worth telling since to me it shows how difficult it can be to find the right shoe for some people, and also how chronic injuries can sometimes be really hard to resolve. We tried traditional shoes, we tried minimal, we tried stuff in between. We tried form change (she is no longer an overstrider, in fact she may have gone to far in the other direction) and various kinds of strength work. The Hokas along with post-run lunges seems to be working for now, so we’re going to stick with it and see how things progress.