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The Achilles tendon is very strong, but injury or untreated chronic tendonitis can weaken the tendon. In this weakened state, simple strain from walking or jumping that a strong tendon could absorb may seriously injure the weakened tendon, and could lead to a tearing or rupturing of the tendon tissue. Other factors can also contribute to this weakening, including certain medication, injections of steroid near the tendon, and certain diseases that affect collagen production (the material that tendon is composed of). Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome is when a large nerve in the back of the foot becomes pinched. It causes a burning sensation on the bottom of the foot. Heel spur treatment is like to that of plantar fasciitis. Because all these medical conditions are connected, the treatment options are additional or less the same. Essentially, heel spurs should be treated with plenty amount of rest in order to reduce the irritation of the plantar fascia tendon. But, patients must know about the good heel spur treatment options obtainable. Heel spur is one of the most common causes of heel pain. It's a pointed overgrowth caused by calcification that changes the structure of the heel bone. When these calcified hooks protrude into the plantar fascia, the soft tissues of the heel get irritated and inflamed resulting in severe pain. Readers who are interested in learning more can order Dr. Gott’s Health Report “Managing Chronic Pain” by sending a self-addressed, stamped number 10 envelope and a $2 US check or money order to Peter H. Gott MD Health Report, PO Box 433, Lakeville, CT 06039. Be sure to mention the title or print an order form from www.AskDrGottMD.com. Can’t wait to head off to your vacation in the Rockies and try out those new hiking boots? The day is beautiful, the weather’s great and you feel lucky to be alive. That is, until the next morning, when you feel a stabbing pain in your heel. If you are the athletic type, always wear proper footwear while engaging in sports or fitness activities. Shop for shoes that are designed to cushion and support the balls of your feet. Make sure the shoes are wide enough to prevent the pinching of nerves, with proper arch support. Use custom orthotics for ultimate comfort and support. Be aware of the wrong type of shoes in everyday wear too. Opt for shoes with lower heels and that allow a flexible ankle joint. Don't settle for cheap, non-supportive shoes during work, play or even shopping. In addition to traditional chiropractic techniques, Dr. Mike utilizes ‘state of the art’ physical approaches to achieve quick results for pain relief in many musculoskeletal conditions. He is concerned first and foremost for the well-being of his patients. Dr. Mike is thorough and extremely efficient in his approach and aims to improve the quality of life in all those he comes in contact with. Attempt this workout to build strength and include versatility to your feet. While sitting with your feet flat on the floor, raise your heels and hold for 5 seconds. Next, press your toes to the floor for an additional five seconds. Do this routine 10 times.heel pain The Achilles tendon is a thick tissue that connects the calf muscles to the heel. It functions in conjunction with the muscles to lift the heel during walking and running. When the Achilles tendon gets overworked or overstretched, an irritation of the tendon can occur, known as Achilles tendinitis. According to MayoClinic.com, Achilles tendinitis is one of the common causes of pain in the back of the heel. The onset of pain is usually gradual, worse at the beginning of an exercise, and it may coincide with the addition of a new exercise routine. The pain is generally located within the thick cord of tissue, slightly above the heel. I have suffered from Plantar Fasciitis for about 18 months. Advil and icing were no longer giving any relief. I was desperate as the PF was getting debilitating. These Heal Seats gave me great relief from day 1. I wish there was an option for securing them into shoes. I am wearing them with Birkenstocks and they do tend to slip out. This wouldn't happen with a more closed shoe style, though. Highly recommend. The plantar fascia is the thick band of tissue, or ligament, on the bottom of your foot that connects your heel to your toes. It is what creates the arch of your foot. In some cases, foot specialists are noticing injuries arising from the switch to barefoot, which uses different muscles. Shod runners tend to have a longer stride and land on their heel compared with barefoot runners, who are more likely to have a shorter stride and land on the midfoot or forefoot. Injuries can occur when people transition too fast and put too much pressure on their calf and foot muscles, or don't shorten their stride and end up landing on their heel with no padding. All of a sudden, the strain going through your foot is multiplied manifold" and problems occur when people don't ease into it, he said. The pain from Severs disease is felt at the back of the heel bone, classically when the bone is squeezed with the fingers on the sides of the bone. It is usually only initially painful after sport, but later progresses to be painful during sport and the painful with just normal everyday activities. Over-pronation occurs when we pronate too deep and for too long, not giving the foot a chance to 'recover' and supinate. The foot stays flexible at all times. Over-pronators use a lot more energy when walking. Worse, over-pronation causes an imbalance throughtout the entire body, putting excessive strain on the feet, legs, knees and lower back. 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